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MOBILIZE MIND POWER! Learn to work with your Mind System, not against it. No 'pathologizing', no top down management. Your Mind System works 24/7 on your behalf. It's information processing capabilities put google to shame! Learn to work with it, exploiting its own wherewithal. Power Up Your Mind:- Basic Class Six modules provide the tools to help you direct Mind Power to the task of healing all manner of difficulties. Graduates report a natural falling away of bad habits, greater emotional stamina and improved personal and business relationships. Power Up Your Mind-Advanced Classes: Mobilize Your Psychic Immune System: You are deploying psychic defenses. It behooves you to better understand how you deploy them lest you shoot yourself in the proverbial foot with them. Increase Your Sensual Intelligence: Do not dumb down. Emotional and sensory feedback systems are designed to help you navigate your life. The Therapist Within: You intuitively re-think your own experience and offer the benefit of your perspective to friends and family. Odds are, much that you are doing in this, regard is entirely consistent with one or another 'official' school of psychotherapeutic practice. Learn more about this to increase the power of the Therapist Within.

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Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Inian Wells,Desert Hot Springs, Indio and the high desert.

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Diane Kern
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Diane Kern
About Company:
Phenomenal Mind Studios is dedicated to ensuring that everyone understands that their Mind is indeed phenomenal! Cutting edge science helps us better understand the nature of Mind as an information processing system of inestimable complexity! And...with cutting edge science we can all better mobilize it's wherewithal! By the way, 'cutting edge science' means quantum theories of consciousness, but not to worry, Dr. Kern speaks plain english. She's made it her mission to translate the science so everyone better understands and appreciates Mind. She imagines Phenomenal Mind Studios as good neighbors right alongside Fitness and Yoga Studios. Think mental fitness folks.
How did your company get started?
I am grateful for an interdisciplinary education. It well prepared me to work with holistic conceptions of Mind. I have studied yogi philosophy, psychoanalysis, medical anthropology, Buddhism and cognitive science for years. I studied in New Delhi India. I have a doctorate from UC Berkeley and am credentialed to teach psychology, social sciences and anthropology. I had a family counseling practice in northern California for thirty years (mft 3935).
I opened Phenomenal Mind Studios because, what we now know about Mind is mind boggling! Revolutionary conceptions of Mind suggest new ways of looking at ourselves, new ways of educationg ourselves and new ways of helping ourseles when the going get's rough.
Everybody can benefit from classes at Phenomenal Mind Studios. We have dormant abilities that we can mobilize to help ourselves, our loved ones and..our comunities!
What sets your business apart?
Short focused classes provide extraordinary tools.
New conceptions of Mind lead all students to realize their Minds are phenomenal. That alone produces profound benefits!
Classes at Phenomenal Mind Studios work with Mind Power in a 'homeopathic' manner exploiting systems that are characteristic of Mind itself.
License #
CA MFT 3935
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California Teaching Credential: Psychology, Social Sciences, Anthropology. Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor (mft 3935)

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